Top 12 inspirational bracelets for summer 2021

Despite the high variety of men and women jewelry brands, the demand for outstanding inspirational bracelets always goes up. Owning a lot of bracelets, you may be thinking of purchasing an inspirational one for yourself or, maybe a motivational bracelet for your beloved one. Here you will explore what are the most famous jewelry brands that set apart as motivational guides.

Stronger and Stronger

Let’s start our top 15 inspirational bracelets with the brand Stronger and Stronger. Stronger and Stronger guides, not decorates. It is given to life to remind people that each of us has limitless possibilities. It is just a choice to be stronger and stronger every day.

“You can choose everything and be everything. It is just a matter of choice, hard work and devotion to your ideas”. This is the philosophy that the founder Mrs. Ani Galstyan - Azaryan has put on it.

The motivational guide is for those who embrace challenges and strive to become what they want and never stop being who they are.

Stronger and Stronger is a brand of secret message bracelets that remind you about valuable things. It is created during the pandemic lockdown, when each of us remained alone with ourselves and our minds. The moment when it seemed that a person cannot be a global game changer, the founder decided to remind everyone that they can achieve anything they want and be anything they desire.

The brand presents 4 collections that have their peculiar importance:

Atlantes - this collection, named after an architectural term, refers to the four pillars of one’s character and personality that help to find individuality. The main inspiration of the collection comes from all the details, memories and emotions that are essential for us, and act as pillars that hold our wholeness in the modern world.

In Obscure - the collection of morse code bracelets that leaves the “secret message” revealed only to you. This collection is for those who like to keep the most important things for themselves - a special moment, a memory, an important goal.

Pre Babylon - words are not the only possible way to express your ideas. This collection is for those who do comprehend that communication is not only through language and if we rely on it, we may only embrace our differences, whereas we have more in common than we may think.

Urban Jungle - the empowering collection is inspired by those who survive in modern cities with their crazy rhythm and rapidly changing environment. The collection is for active and dynamic people who will never step back from their values and goals.

Undoubtedly, Stronger and Stronger is associated with giving back to the mother world and each day making it a better place to live in. The empowering bracelets are not only inspirational for people, but also have their direct impact on nature in general.

Buy a bracelet, plant a tree. This is how the motivational bracelets are given back

Legend Bracelet

The Legend has the fundamental mission of creating “Such products that inspire you to connect with the earth and form a community that fights to protect it”.

The brand presents eco and nature friendly personalized inspirational bracelets that are composed of two capsules. One capsule is filled with sand from the place the brand currently devotes itself to protect. While the other capsule is empty. So, you are free to fill it in with the sand, that you have a secret connection to, or that empowers you to succeed.

This works as a powerful reminder to stay connected to the endangered environment and species around the world.

The brand disseminates its activity by presenting and protecting vulnerable species and places of the world. Here are the bracelets and the areas it is supporting to:

The Gorilla Bracelet - buying the bracelet you would automatically support the brand in cooperating with the Gorilla Doctors to save gorillas through veterinary care.

The Arctic Bracelet - the brand partners with the Woods Hole Research Center. It researches carbon emissions and fights against climate change.

The Coral Bracelet - mutual collaboration of Legend and Mote Marine Laboratory aims to protect the ocean and restore coral reefs.

The Elephant Bracelet - the brand works with Reterti Elephant Sanctuary to save orphaned and abandoned elephant calves and take them back to wild herds.

The Sea Turtle Legend Bracelet - working with Olive Ridley Project pursues an aim to remove plastic ghost nets from the ocean and rescue sea turtles.

The Koala Legend Bracelet - the partnership with Adelaide Koala Rescue helps to save and rehabilitate koalas and release them back to wild nature.

So, the inspirational message of the brand is to buy a bracelet and give back to nature. Actually, 12% of the profit is donated to charity organizations mentioned above.

Karma and Luck

Karma and Luck inspirational brand of bracelets was founded in 2015 by the founder Vlafi Bergman. This custom made bracelets, that symbolize peace and kindness, are ment to connect cultures throughout the world. According to the founder / CEO of this spiritual brand, its fundamental mission is “to bring fortune to your home and surround yourself with protective energy wherever you go”.

The brand hinges upon timeless traditions and the spiritual, stylish and essential bracelets are designed to transfer an inspirational message that boosts happiness, health and prosperity and works as a motivational guide to manifest and reach your dreams.

Karma and Luck brand is founded upon the following values that are the cornerstones of its uniqueness, fame and success.

Modern Spirituality - the spiritual and inspirational products empower with wisdom and guidance to all the people who seek to redefine the meaning of modern spirituality.

Authentic Cultural Connection - the philosophy of the brand that encompasses secret messages is free from barriers. Ubiquitous, yet ever-evolving spiritual culture does not have specific nations, places or religions. It is detached from any limitations, and seeks to acknowledge people through their dreams.

Gratitude and Purpose - artisans from the whole world have their notable part in crafting Karma and Luck pieces with love and gratitude. The brand encourages to live spiritually fulfilled lives.

Immersive Experiences - these secret message bracelets disseminate their journey to customers. The brand transports its customers to all the communities that never cease to inspire them through their timeless traditions.

Jewelry Making Process - dive deep into the peculiarities of the artisan process to acknowledge the very quintessence (essence is the simpler word) of Karma and Luck motivational bracelets. Each process in these masterpieces, be it braiding or enameling, is accomplished by the basics of handcraft. These essentials are all about details.


“Jewelry for women who own their glow”. This simplicity lies under the genuine project of PDPAOLA. The inspirational brand of jewelry was created in 2014, by siblings Paola and Hambert. The brand is founded on the ground of inspiration that the sisters got in their family of strong and multifaceted women. Today they are honouring women with the spirit of the brand, in which the adventure of self-discovery lies, as well as the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become.

“Unassuming essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine by your own accord”.

We can surely confirm that the brand is for the woman who is style conscious, independent and unapologetically herself. PDPAOLA is a motivational guide that gets its inspiration and strength mainly through women. So, it's a brand that gets motivation and is meant to motivate women.

The journey of PDPAOLA is very impressive. It started with two sisters, who transferred their passion and enthusiasm to a number of women. Today PDPAOLA is a continuously growing family who strive to make a strong brand they would be proud to be part of. The brand proudly states that it successfully brings a little joy and sparkle to women in over 112 countries of the world.

“It is you who sets standards that we strive to exceed by creating timeless jewelry with a touch of understated glamour to accompany you through every joy and challenge of life”. This idea is put under the collection of this inspirational brand of jewelry. Nowadays, women can enjoy a wide variety of accessories, including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, as well as personalized inspirational pieces. PDPAOLA is presenting the following collections for different occasions, mindsets and desires:

- Five                               

- House of beetles.          

- Zaza

- Atelier

- Cavalier

- Blossom

- Aisha

- Citric

Isla Ida

Isla Ida - make the world a better place for everyone. It is obvious that the brand whose mission is mainly concentrated on giving back, should have its significant place in our top 15 inspirational bracelets of 2021. Its uniqueness is connected to planting a tree with each item sold. The plan of the brand is to reach 1.000.000 trees. You do want to be a part of that initiative, right?

Isa Ida brand of inspirational bracelets was born in 2015, by the founders Mike & Peng. It all started with a random meeting. So, back in 2015 the founders, at the end of their journey through Mediterranean Europe, met with an amazing woman named Ida at one of Ibiza's hippie markets.

Ida was dedicated to giving back and helping people in need through her hand crafted jewelry and accessories. She was raising money to support local charities. So, at the very essence of these inspirational brands lies the inspiration got from Mrs. Ida. Now Isla Ida is about the group of people who aim to take “giving back” to the next level.

The motivational brand of bracelets entails giving back to the best possible way:

- Help plant a tree with each purchase, where Mother Earth needs it the most; the Amazon Rainforest (South America), Australia or Indonesia.

- The Awareness Collection supports 30+ (and growing) charities 10% of every sold item in this collection will go directly to their linked charity.

AWE Inspired

AWE Inspired is a jewelry brand founded in 2017, by three time cancer survivor Jim Jonson, and her son Max. It is a brand that would make meaningful and exceptional quality gifts for anyone looking to honor a survivor in their life.

Since then, Awe has grown beyond Jill and Max’s wildest dreams and become a symbol of strength for tens of thousands of customers. The team now also includes Jill’s younger son Adam and an awe-mazing group of people dedicated to enhancing the human experience through gifting and giving back.

The brand has the following mission: Exchange the human experience through gifts that celebrate individuality, foster connections, give back generously and leave people in awe.

AWE Inspired is presenting necklaces, charms, rings, earrings, and finally, bracelets. Behind the variety of products, however, they both are inspired by Goddess.

Above you can find Goddess collections:

- Aphrodite

- Artemis

- Athena

- Cleopatra

- Florence Nightingale

- Freya

- Frida Kahlo

- Harriet Tubman


“We are on a mission to inspire and empower with positive messages”. This is what best describes Mantraband's motivational brand of jewelry.

Mantraband is spreading optimism, positivity and mindfulness. The bracelets are made to inspire. The secret message behind the brand is to help you choose happiness, to do what you love and be present in the moment.

It is worth mentioning that the brand is a member of 1% For the Planet and donates at least 1% of the annual sales to protect and preserve our natural environment. Undoubtedly, this factor is valued a lot, when choosing a brand of inspirational bracelets.

Another considerable factor is that Mantraband has a bracelets line of CharityBands that support charities, responsible for creating positive impact on women’s and children’s issues. These empowering bracelets donate 5% from each CharityBands sale to these supported charities.

Nowadays, the spiritual brand of jewelry is presenting the following products: necklaces, rings, as well as bracelets. With regard to empowerment and inspiration, it would not be fair to underestimate the uniqueness of the bracelets that are separated by their purposes.

Here are the collections of purpose:

Calm, Faith, Friendship, Love, Movement, Self Care, Strength, Sympathy and Happiness.

Each of the collections have their secret messages and unique way of empowerment. So, if you want a real inspirational and empowering bracelet, Mantraband is waiting for you.

Fortune and Fame

If you are looking for an inspirational gift for your loved ones, or, maybe for yourself, then Fortune and Fame is just the right option. The brand designs jewelry and accessories that hold fortunes, love notes-to-self and messages that tell the story of you.

The Fortune and Fame started its journey when designer Gretel Going got an insightful fortune, had nowhere to keep it, and stuck it on the fridge. When the fortune kept falling, an idea was born.

Thanks to Fortune and Fame, keeping and holding fortunes is already fashionable. The brand inspires its customers to not just follow but create their own fortune.

The inspirational brand is presenting various styles for different occasions and persons:

Book Jewelry - the book necklaces and bracelets are inspired by ornate vintage storybooks. Each piece is created to reveal you when opening it.

Capsule Jewelry - express the feelings with special words.

Engraved Jewelry - this collection features engraved necklaces, bar necklaces and engraved bracelets that preserve the moments and sentiments that will stay with you forever.

Fortune Cookie Jewelry - these pieces have been widely embraced as symbols of getting exactly the right message at exactly the right time. This collection is a nod to the signs and messages that are put in your path precisely when you need them.

Heart Jewelry - the heart lockets and bracelets open to reveal your personalized message. Letter Necklaces - this collection is associated with the channels to your own personal fortune.

Minimalist and Dainty Jewelry - minimalism that is maximized. This is how the brand describes this collection of inspirational jewelry.

String Bracelets - the collection has 6 types of string bracelets. It is just amazing for those who value minimalism and appreciate its uniqueness.

Alice Made This

An inspirational brand of jewelry for men and women that encompasses the motivational story of its customers.

So, well-known artisans and engineers work together to create the brand Alice Made This of unique jewelry and accessories that one can gift, own and enjoy for a lot of years.

Each and every detail of the jewelry is meant to convey a specific story of past, present and future.

The motivational brand of jewelry is putting a significant emphasis on the interesting materials and techniques from all sorts of industries.

Alice Made This seeks to offer pieces with individuality, allowing its customers to enjoy jewelry and accessories that are personal to them.

Alice Made This hinges on the following fundamental cornerstones:

Honest - the brand strives to offer its customers an honest and authentic experience through the products, website and service.

Local - Alice Made this ensures its transparency with its code of conduct and the sources of the raw materials. Thanks to that transparency, the company enjoys great relationships with its factories and artists. It stays local to ensure this, as well as to highlight the breadth of talent and innovation that surrounds it.

Responsible - “We are responsible to all we do” - this is the “background” of values, upon which the company exists. The products are intentionally designed in a way to stay with customers through the whole life. Moreover, the materials are fully recyclable.

Le Gramme

Le Gramme inspirational brand of bracelets was founded in 2013, Erwan Le Louër, who holds a master's degree in industrial design from the Esdi 2008, a graduate school of Industrial Design.

The concept is the latest one launched by the designer-entrepreneur. After a few experiences in jewelry creation, such as the one in 2008 Maison Margela, in 2011 Le Gramme becomes a new form of transmission of Erwan Le Louër's passion for aesthetics and the central place of the object in his life.

An elementary form, a noble material, an imprint and a finish - these are the culmination of the motivational brand’s creative vision.

“The archives project - which aims to build a guideline of minimal aesthetics and taut lines, with the uncompromising rigour of a collector passionate about the absolute creative gesture”. Since 2010, this is the vision that the constitution of a private collection of contemporary art expresses.

Le Gramme is a motivational guide, where each object is named by its weight in grams. The creations Le gramme draw their strength from their minimal form, from an obviousness in repetition, from the free field they open by their capacity to accumulate in order to create their own language.

The inspiration that the creators get to create the brand, mainly comes from the creative process of industrial design: the shape emanates from a reflection in the absence of drawing, until fulfilling its function. then the object is realised.


Inspiration, Process, and Finding Your Bracelet. This is the first description that the motivational brand Elegatto gives to its customers.

Elegatto, that bases in the centre of Los Angeles, was founded in 2017 by California entrepreneurs and designers with a mutual love for uniquely designed men jewelry.

The mission of the brand is to provide premium quality accessories at affordable prices and allow each man to find a jewelry piece for any occasion and any style.

Below are mentioned 3 factors that present its concept the best way:

Simple enough to wear everyday - the brand focuses on presenting bracelets for a reason. The universality makes a bracelet an excellent choice for a wide variety of styles and designs. Elegatto believes that bracelets are to add vitality and personality to one’s look. With Elegatto jewelry you will enrich your experiences with memories, thoughts, and feelings about important moments and people in your life.

Unique Design - although design is approached from an art-directed perspective, the inspirational brand addresses function as well. Elegatto considers comfort, quality materials, safety and durability. It is all about gathering hardware, deciding what to emphasize, arranging and rearranging components, and coming up with an excellent construction plan. These bracelets are comfortable on the wrist and seamless to wear. The jewelry is hypoallergenic and does not blacken or tarnish over time.

North Star of Your Style - Elegatto works as a motivational guide toward your style and personality. “Does the bracelet get me closer to or further away from my goal?” This question should always be raised when making a choice. It is worth mentioning that the fundamental goal of jewelry is to express ideas, emotions or philosophy. Bracelets communicate your worldview without words, through the use of the principled elements of design. In the end, your chosen design will speak for you.


Founded by Mario Christian & Luca Daniel the Award Winning family of brands that include Joseph Nogucci, NOGU & Daniel Christian Tang explore a multi-disciplinary approach to Fashion & Accessories design.

“Design is design, regardless of the medium. Whether you’re designing a museum or a bracelet, the artistic process is the same” - Mario Christian.

Both diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, brothers Mario & Luca grew up with a very unique perspective on life, time and the pursuit of their dreams.

It made them want to live their lives with a very clear and distinct joie de vivre. Don’t stress out on the little things. Follow your passions, try and travel the world when you can and just do what makes you happy.

These beliefs pushed them into challenging careers they loved, Architecture for Mario and Engineering for Luca. This eventually led them to direct their passion for design into something that could be enjoyed by many and not few.

Holding nothing back they traveled the world, when health was on their side, finished degrees in Architecture and Engineering and eventually founded Joseph Nogucci, a fashion design firm grounded in the tenets of carefree living, spirituality, whimsicality and adventure.

The team is one with an eclectic mix of disciplines that range from Architecture to Structural Engineering & Art. Mario Christian Lavorato graduated with a Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) from the University of Toronto. Luca Daniel Lavorato, a graduate from the University of Waterloo’s Honors Civil Engineering Program with a concentration in Structural Engineering.

- Unmistakably Unique

- Adventurous

- Accessible

- High Quality

Those were the four pillars that the Nogu Family of Brands was built upon and with over 1 Million pieces shipped in just a few short years they are pillars that stand.