Consent Preferences About Us – Stronger & Stronger


I created this concept brand as a reminder for myself and others of how wide our life can be. 

I wanted to have some small sign or an “amulet” that would always remind me that life is multidimensional. This means that we can be everything at the same time.

We don't have to choose one or two things, we can choose everything and be everything. It is just a matter of choice, hard work, and devotion to our ideals. 

We can choose any idea and any description for ourselves.

One does not exclude the other.

Those descriptions we choose are never labels but keys that guide and help others to understand us better.

Stronger & Stronger is for those who accept challenges and are ready to work hard on becoming what they want without forgetting who they are.

These accessories are small reminders that life has no limitations and we can have limitless possibilities if only we choose to be stronger.

Stronger Regards,
Ani Galstyan-Azaryan

Warrior, Mom, Loving Wife, Stylist, Restorator, Experienced Traveler, An Old School Rock Lover, Gym Addict, Muse, Founder of Stronger & Stronger