Consent Preferences Philosophy – Stronger & Stronger


The noise outside may distract from the voices within yourself. The modern world is flooded with noise and distractions. Which can confuse anyone. Confusion is a part of the modern world. You have to be very strong to survive and reach where you want to but to preserve your ideas and values on that path, you have to be STRONGER.

Why we

Stronger & Stronger is a brand that designs accessories which aim to remind you about valuable things. We are a brand founded in Armenia - a country that has been always balancing between east and west, ancient and new. Being raised in such a country we realized that there are values and ideas which are common for everyone. Our brand is concentrated on universal values and ideals that are important to anyone living in any corner of the world.

Why you

The details that construct you can show who you are but the ones you choose can reveal what you want to be. Stronger and Stronger is for those who are ready for challenges and changes.

History Behind The Brand

This concept brand was created during the lockdown of 2020, when everything has drastically changed and many of us were left alone with ourselves and our perceptions. This is when I came up with the idea of creating urban amulets, which remind us of what we are, and what we chose to be, even during the most blurred times and unstable moments. Stronger & Stronger is for those who accept challenges and are ready to work hard on becoming what they want without forgetting who they are. These motivational bracelets are small reminders that Life has no limitations and we can have limitless possibilities if only we choose to be stronger.